Offset Capital Strengthens Its Position in The Middle Market

July 5, 2024
Offset Capital Strengthens Its Position in The Middle Market

Offset Capital Announces Expanded Lending Parameters for its Senior Bridge Loan Program

New partnership readies significant capital to deploy.

NEW YORK, NY — Offset Capital, LLC, a commercial real estate lender launched in early 2024, announces a strategic partnership with an institutional asset manager, significantly expanding its funding capabilities for middle-market real estate entrepreneurs.

The partnership enhances Offset Capital's senior bridge loan program, which now provides loans ranging from $5 million to over $50 million across all asset classes nationwide. This expansion comes at a crucial time when banks and other lenders have scaled back leverage or exited the market entirely.

“Having a capital partner who shares our investment approach, bolstered with a robust balance sheet, helps ensure speed and certainty of execution, which are critical in the current environment,” says Adam Frank, Principal, Offset Capital.

In addition to senior bridge loans, Offset Capital provides small mezzanine and preferred equity financing with target check sizes of $2 million to $10 million. These customized products offer stretch financing and help neutralize the impact of rising rates for borrowers.

The founders of Offset Capital identified a unique opportunity to meet the growing demand for gap financing. As market conditions have tightened over the past three years, making it more challenging for investors to buy or refinance commercial properties with the same returns, Offset aims to provide the necessary gap equity to balance volatility in the middle market.

For more information about Offset Capital's expanded lending capabilities and to view Offset Capital’s updated tear sheet, please visit:

About Offset Capital

Offset Capital is a commercial real estate bridge lender specializing in flexible financing solutions for middle-market real estate entrepreneurs. The company offers a range of full capital stack solutions including senior bridge loans, mezzanine financing, and preferred equity investments. With a focus on speed, certainty of execution, and customization, Offset Capital is uniquely positioned to help borrowers navigate the financial challenges of today’s real estate market.

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